Starburst® Juicyverse brings 3 world-firsts to the Metaverse.

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5 min readMay 11, 2023

I want to share something super exciting and fun that I hope you will love!


Welcome to the Starburst® Juicyverse!

For over a year, we have been building the core infrastructure for the world’s largest virtual mall, we called TheMall on our MetaVRse Engine 2.0 (coming later this year). Our first major brand partner is Mars-Wrigley and last week we officially launched the Starburst® Juicyverse. Built from the ground up with fun, accessibility, safety, brand love and fun, the Juicyverse represents a new type of web site, one in 3D. Built on a new rendering technology that allows for beautiful 3D experiences to be accessed through the browser and on all devices. With no app downloads, this technology is truly a quantum leap forward for companies that want to bring their brands into the Metaverse.

The Starburst® Juicyverse is seeing >10:00 minute dwell times — a figure unheard of on websites (average is 2–4 minutes)

In addition to being fun and exciting, the Juicyverse marketing activation also brings three world-firsts to the market:

  1. First IRL-URL-IRL Metaverse/Web 3 activation — The Juicyverse starts in-store where a QR code brings guests into the experience. After getting your free Starburst t-shirt, you can complete the 3D scavenger hunt for a loyalty token minted on the Hedera hashgraph (like a blockchain), that turns into a coupon for an instant discount to purchase the candy back in-store.
Starburst® Juicyverse Token Coupon in Google/Apple Wallet

2. First 3D multiplayer virtual world delivered across ALL devices over the browser — The power of the MetaVRse Engine allows for millions of guests to visit the experience simultaneously across any device, OS and browser, without the need to download any apps.

Starburst® Juicyverse is a multiplayer experience

3. First token directly accessed via Apple/Google wallet — Working with BambuMeta’s proprietary loyalty token system, guests can get their loyalty token directly accessed by the wallet they already have and trust on their phone.

One of the great details of the experience allows guests to select the Starburst® Juicyverse shirt of their choice and rock the look throughout the experience. There were even 100 limited edition ‘Gold’ Juicyverse shirts for influencers that joined the launch announcement at SXSW 2023.

My avatars in the Starburst® Juicyverse

In addition to all the above awesomeness, there is also a Studio feature in the Juicyverse that allows creators to build their own 3D model out of Starburst candies in a 20x20x20 space — Like Minecraft, but with Starburst candies!. The Studio feature in the Juicyverse is also a remarkable tool for creators, giving them the opportunity to build their own 3D models out of Starburst candies. This feature not only increases engagement with the brand but also promotes shareable user-generated content, driving further excitement and attention around the experience. The contest for best 3D design is open to everyone and the winners will see their art minted as an official Juicyverse NFT and immortalized forever!

You can try the actual 3D Tie Fighter I built in the Studio — I am not eligible to win, so let’s see what you make!

Starburst® Juicyverse Studio allows you to build anything in a 20x20x20 space

The launch of the Starburst Juicyverse has opened up a new frontier in the world of marketing and retail. By combining the physical and virtual worlds, brands can now create immersive experiences that engage customers in a more meaningful way. The use of blockchain technology in this activation not only provides a secure and transparent way to manage loyalty programs but also opens up new revenue streams through the creation and sale of NFTs. The fact that this is the first 3D marketing activation available directly on a browser on any device is truly remarkable and I am super proud and grateful for the entire team that worked on the Juicyverse, congratulations!

The Juicyverse is about 200,000 sf of the 1 million sf on floor 2.

The Juicyverse resides on Floor 2 of TheMall, a 100 floor, 100 million square foot retail and entertainment destination in the Metaverse. TheMall will open later this year and we will build the experiences with insights from you and our community, along with creators from around the world. I cannot wait to see what the world will build in TheMall.

TheMall is built on MetaVRse Engine 2.0, a low-code 3D creation platform on the web. The ability to deliver a seamless 3D multiplayer virtual world experience across all devices without the need for app downloads, is a game-changer. This accessibility ensures that brands can connect with consumers on a global scale, without the need for any technical expertise on the part of the consumer. MetaVRse Engine 2.0 will be made public later in 2023…stay tuned!

3D Search in the Juicyverse, redeemable for a $0.50 off Starburst® coupon NFT

As we look to the future, the potential for this technology is enormous. The launch of TheMall will allow for multiple brand partners to come together and create a truly interconnected virtual shopping experience. The possibilities for advertising, sales, and customer engagement are endless, and we are excited to see how this technology will continue to evolve and transform the way brands and consumers interact.

We will be announcing the winning 3D designs that get minted as an NFT on Hedera in June, so check back and make sure you submit your design. Don’t forget to get your $0.50 off NFT coupon in the Juicyverse and get yourself a package of Starburst® today!


Starburst® Delicious Candy

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